We put the world at your disposal

The Company

TEAN-DISTUVAL S.A. is a Chilean company, in the market since 1977, giving solutions in the search  and development of Parts and Pieces, Components and Accessories in general.

We have the necessary Know-How to allow us give specialized and integral service with the highest quality standards.

We work under Commercial / Technical   representations and agreements in different countries over the world.

Our Mission

Search for Parts and Pieces, Components and Accessories for industries in the areas of:

         White line
         Electric Household Appliances
         Electrical materials
         Accessories in general
         Evaluation of component developments
         Counselling in development of components

Our Objectives:

   Search   and develop solutions

          Satisfy the needs of our potential customers
          Pre and Post Sales Service
          Competitive Prices and Quality
          Integral and personalized  counselling
         Logistic Services (Stock Administration)
          Direct Service, Attention and Dealing

We supply components with accepted ISO – 9001 / 9002 / 14001 / UL / SA /DVE / CE Certifications.